Couples’ Weekend Retreats

Senior couple near the riverFall in love all over again with your partner at this 2.5 day event for couples. Whether you are in the blissful romantic stage of the relationship or on the edge of separation/divorce, this weekend retreat will change your relationship life.

Using the Imago processes and dialogue, you will learn powerful, simple tools to have various breakthroughs in your relationship resulting in deeper intimacy and connection.

The coaching and facilitation that you will receive at this “eye-opening” couples’ weekend retreat will empower you to co-create the relationship of your dreams.


Our weekend retreats are for YOU if:

  • You are in a good relationship and want to deepen your connection
  • You and youCouples Weekend Retreat in Calgary, Albertar partner seem to be drifting apart
  • You are just starting a new relationship and want it to be the best it can be
  • You are preparing for marriage and want to ensure a lasting love relationship
  • You are considering ending your relationship because it feels hopeless and want to know if it is worth saving your relationship
  • You feel stuck in your relationship and can’t seem to move forward
  • You keep having the same arguments over and over
  • You’ve been married before and want to learn how to avoid repeating past mistakes
  • You want to find the full potential of your relationship and learn about yourself
  • You are undecided about staying together
  • You are a therapist and you want to find a great resource for your clients (and your own relationship!)
  • You and your partner want to create a better climate for the development of your children

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