Kathleen’s Approach & Philosophy

Kathleen creates a safe environment, using her sensitivity and intuition to assist her clients in becoming re-connected to themselves, their partner and the world around them. Her philosophy is aligned with the Imago concepts and theory: that our journey is to seek wholeness; and crisis and conflict are merely opportunities for growth and healing. Her personal experiences provide insight and hope to her clients, in moving them beyond their hurts and frustrations and arriving at a place of more freedom and happiness.

Her own journey to wholeness is truly a story of love. She found Imago Relationship Therapy through her own trials and tribulations of being in relationship. Utilizing the Imago processes and dialogue on a consistent basis, Kathleen and her husband Robert continue to enhance their relationship, maximizing its full potential. Their love of the outdoors and the natural environment has brought them to Calgary and the Rocky Mountains.

In both her professional work and private life, Kathleen is dedicated to empowering, educating and inspiring couples and individuals to live their lives with conscious intention, joy and passion.  She truly embodies Imago spirit.





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