Individual Counselling

man standing in fieldWhether single or in relationship, the Imago theory and tools can help individuals to understand and heal their previous hurts and past frustrations. With a new level of compassion and understanding gained in this exploration, individuals are able to move forward in attracting the love they desire or change the existing relationship they are in.

If you are in a couple and are seeking some assistance in your relationship as an individual, please note that I offer my services from the “relational paradigm”, holding your current relationship in the background.

With Imago therapy, you will begin to see your past relationships as your teacher of growth and healing. This will enable you to honour the differences between you and your partner in every relationship. It is these differences that renew your sense of wholeness and aliveness.

Private sessions are 1 hour long. The fee is $160.00 per hour.   For new clients, the first 15 minutes are complimentary. These relationship counselling sessions can be done in person, by telephone or Skype.  Relationship counselling for individuals in Calgary, AB

Keeping the Love You Find – Individuals Weekend is an effective way to understand your patterns of relationship and attract the mate you desire.  Through this educational weekend and group experience you can accelerate your pathway to true love.

To have a better understanding of yourself in relationship and regain your aliveness and hope, schedule a consultation or appointment with our relationship and marriage counsellor in Calgary by clicking on the button below!

Kathleen avoids seeing individuals and then together later as a couple due to perceived bias.

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