Couples Counselling

Kathleen Maiman – Relationship TherapistUsing the Imago processes and dialogue, couples learn powerful, simple tools to have breakthroughs in their relationships resulting in deeper intimacy and connection.  The coaching and facilitation that you receive will empower you to create the relationship of your dreams on your own without the constant dependency of a therapist.

With Imago, you will begin to see your partner as no longer your enemy but as your teacher and healer. You will be able to honour the differences between you and your partner and that these differences are an opportunity to revive passion.

Private counselling sessions are 2 hours for couples initially and then 1.5 hours thereafter. The fee is $185.00 per hour. Unlike many therapists, Kathleen’s couples counselling sessions are longer in length.  Each couples therapy session takes an hour and half vs the typical hour. This additional time is where the majority of the “most valuable progress” for a couple is made. Unfortunately, 1 hour often only leaves time to catch up on previous work and talk about some new techniques. The additional 30 minutes gives you the opportunity to USE the newly learned techniques that are tailored for you and your partner.

Couples Counselling Sessions in Calgary, ABThe first 30 minutes are complimentary for new clients, reducing the price of the initial session. These relationship counselling sessions can be done in person, by telephone or SKYPE. Sign up for a Commitment Package and save money on your sessions.

Participation in a Getting the Love You Want – Couples Weekend  is an educational weekend that assists couples in restoring their connection. This weekend advances couples in their therapy process.

To have the magical feeling restored, regain your aliveness and have an understanding of love relationships, schedule a consultation or appointment for couples and relationship counselling sessions by clicking on the button below!

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