What People are Saying!

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“Since coming to Kathleen things are evolving between us. There has been more affection and a change in how we interact. I am very excited. I have been full of negative emotions and now feeling happiness and love again. Kathleen is helping us learn about each other and things are working for the better”. KS

“I can honestly say that my work with Kathleen has completely changed my perspective on relationships.  Kathleen’s caring and compassionate attitude, in addition to her extensive knowledge, restored my hope and gave me the courage to make the changes I needed to within my relationship.  It was Kathleen’s unwavering support and encouragement that allowed me to really grow and heal, a postive impact on my life.” JC

“Kathleen is a compassionate and non judgemental listener who held a safe space for me while I started to tackle some of my issues. She allowed me to sort through things in my own way and in my own time. Her support is something I am thankful for.”  MF

Kathleen’s insight and training helped me with both with my personal goals and in my relationship.  Her approach is compassionate and enlightening.  I had been apprehensive about seeing a therapist, but I was instantly comfortable with her.  With Kathleen, I was put at ease, with the safe environment that she created.  I think anyone who wants to better understand how Imago principles apply to them, either as a single person seeking a relationship, or a person in a relationship, would benefit highly from seeing Kathleen.”  SK

“What Kathleen & Imago has given us is the ability to look at conflict as an opportunity to get to the core issues and help each other through our individual trials and tribulations in the interest of making our relationship a much better place to be. With Kathleen’s patient coaching, we learned and applied the Imago dialogue techniques, and gained much insight in the concept that neither of us really has to change to accommodate the other, we just have to work on understanding each other.” JG

“Kathleen was very professional and passionate. Her knowledge of the material provided me with the tools for a successful relationship.” MR

“Kathleen is a wonderful presenter. I gained insight into my relationship with my mother and father, valuable information that can help change my relationship with husband.”   LD

“I am so proud of both of us as we are using what you taught us. We are getting better and better at sorting out our “issues” and communicating. Thank you for all of your guidance and your insight – it has been incredibly helpful for the both of us.” SB


8 Week Couples Program

“The 8 week Couples Program helps to connect the dots,  making it relevant and applicable to everyday life.” AP

“The 8 week Couples program connected me to my partner in a way that I could not imagine before taking it.” BC

“Kathleen’s commitment and passion for guiding couples through the process is evident and sincere. Thank you.” SM

“Kathleen is a kind and thoughtful presenter! She does an amazing job at making one feel accepted and validated.” AP



“We really enjoyed the weekend. We will continue to practice the skills we learned at the retreat. We are both very grateful to have met you and feel through your exercises it has given us a chance to intimately learn about each other and learn new ways to communicate effectively. I am excited about our future together and I’m not sure I’d be able to say that without your amazing retreat”. CP

“Our absolute sincerest gratitude and appreciation for the weekend retreat. It wasn’t just a retreat, it was a transformation, and wouldn’t have come close to being so incredibly powerful without you and your infinite wisdom at the helm. We were blown away by your insight, energy and profound understanding of relationships, marriage and the secrets to a happy life.”  KD, PR

“The Couples workshop with Kathleen was fun, safe, very informative and life changing. My husband and I appreciated learning the helpful tools of communication and the exercises in the workshop brought us much closer together. This was the best thing we could have done for our relationship. Thank you very much Kathleen, for living up to your promise of helping us to ‘get the love we want’. Amazing weekend!” M.G.

“Thank you for the Couples Retreat! It was truly an amazing experience for my husband and myself. We thought you were awesome and could feel your great energy and passion to help others. We agreed that it was the best thing we’ve experienced as a couple and didn’t feel alone. We’re already practicing with the tools you gave us towards a more respectful communication.” T.S.

“I am still in dream land from your wonderful weekend workshop we so gratefully signed up for and attended in Banff. Thank you very much for creating such a safe and caring environment for us to do our work and internal growing. I cannot express to you enough how much I/we appreciated everything about it and the wonderful gifts that we both received from one another in the process. I would not hesitate to tell everyone I know about it.” MA

“This weekend workshop provided time away, from everything and everyone. We were able to (on the first day) make an incredible breakthrough, something that would forever help us. For the first time, I could cry and let my partner know what I was feeling. I felt the deepest level of love I have EVER experienced for another person. I have never felt so heard, so understood, so unjudged. We were able to solve issues that we had been fighting about for 8 years. In one single day, we made more progress than in our 8 years.

The result…. we understood what was going wrong with the relationship. It gave me the eye opening experience to see that I was contributing to the issue. It also gave me tools to express everything and to let these ‘issues’ be part of my growth. We have more love than ever, we are better partners, we’re better parents, we are completely different. It was like you walked in as you are now (like a 1.0 version) and you walk out like an improved 3.0 version, with all these awesome upgrades and changes….everything is just better. We can’t wait for the advanced workshop to just get more insight and meet more couples who are all in the same boat, and to walk away happier!

Oh, the most important thing that I got from the workshop, was the fact that relationships shouldn’t be such a struggle all the time. Of course there will be issues that come up, but to use the tools of Imago and then to walk away with an even better relationship than the ‘in love’ phase, is probably the best, rewarding and most happiest reward ever!! Now, whenever an issue comes up, I am excited to use these tools I have, and to help my partner realize why there is an issue, versus dreading it. I have all of the tools I will ever need, to be as happy as I can be, to be effective in my communication and to be a great partner.” JK

“Thank you very much for creating such a safe and caring environment  for us to do our work and internal growing at our weekend in Banff. We cannot express to you enough how much we appreciated everything about  it and the wonderful gifts that we both received from one another in the process”. MA, AA

“What an amazing experience. We are so glad that we decided to come at the very last minute and are so excited for our future. The most incredible thing that has happened since the retreat is that we  renewed our wedding vows! Please accept our heartfelt thank you again for having us. The retreat saved our marriage and we will forever be grateful and will use the skills we learned for the rest of our lives!” JH, MH

“Since the weekend workshop, the amount of support that we have been showing for one another and appreciation and care has been truly uplifting. We have become a true team and are so grateful for the experience we had with Kathleen and cannot wait for the refresher course. There has been the odd time we have slipped into old habits; and our support for one another and our ability to know instantly how unhealthy this makes us enables us to focus on what is important!” JP

“The weekend with Kathleen, reinvigorated my soul and gave me hope for a much more loving and connected tomorrow.” KR

“We thoroughly enjoyed our Couples Retreat weekend. Kathleen’s positivity towards relationships and partnerships was truly refreshing. She was an amazing facilitator. We have seen many therapists who tend to encourage strength, power and independence rather than showing us that we are social beings searching for a loving and accepting partnership. Thank you for this wonderful gift!” JR

“This weekend provided great insight into knowing myself and my mate. I fully enjoyed the experience and recommend it for all ages.” BJ

“The weekend provided us with tools that we could use to assist us in communicating properly and effectively with one other during crisis moments and when we REALLY need to be heard by our spouse.  It also provided us with insight into how our past can creep into our present and hinder our future as a couple.” LR, TR

“We are leaving this weekend with excellent communication skills and a renewed perspective of each other. Kathleen is great at what she does”. SM, RM

“This weekend was an amazing transformation for both of us and truly cemented our relationship – bringing us closer after 25 years”. JO

“The weekend provided us with a new outlook  on our relationship and the ability to see our wonderful potential as a couple. It gave us confidence in ourselves and each other when it comes to conflict, and some very accessible concrete tools to use for communication. The weekend also brought forth our deep bond and love that was always there.” EF

“We feel so fortunate to have our relationship back on track after 16 years. The purpose of attending the weekend was to make sure that we both have the skills to keep it that way! Having those skills, we are very encouraged  and are now creating our “new” relationship with full and absolute intention and respect.” KS

“The weekend provided us the ability to identify what we need and express it, thus enhancing the quality of our connection.” KA

“The weekend was very revealing. It opened up things from our pasts that still persists today, widening our awareness and understanding of each other and our ourselves. Looking forward to the Advanced Couples Workshop.”  TM

“We are so grateful. This weekend and Kathleen has made such a difference in our relationship.” JM

“We have benefitted a great deal from the openness and insights we gained from the weekend.  Since then, our occasional low spots have lasted a MUCH shorter period of time and come with less ferocity. Personally, I now understand that my hubby really does want me in his life and inside myself, I respect him and the ways he wants to be treated much more.” SB

“This program would be great for everyone and I never say things like this!” DB

“I am so glad I came. I now feel more connected to my husband than I have for years!” KB

“My partner and I were not sure if we were compatible and were considering separating. We decided to take the workshop because we wanted to see if we could build a strong and healthy friendship.  Over the weekend, we recognized that our differences could be inspiring instead of threatening to one another. We learned that we have different ways in how we see the world.  Before IMAGO, we found it difficult to “bridge” over to see each other’s point of view.  We just didn’t “get” one another. Learning the process of dialogue was incredibly helpful to our relationship.  We now feel that we are both heard and understood.  We see that we are different and now relish our differences and have fun exploring each other’s way of being in the world.  The excercises transformed our relationship, helping us validate each other and asking for what we want and need in a loving way. We are on our way to building a strong friendship and our feelings of despair have been replaced with hope that we can build the relationship of our dreams.” TB

“We now have a completely different relationship now than we did before the retreat. We are doing more for each other and we are listening better. The retreat  saved our relationship. I was ready to walk out the door and now, he couldn’t push me out if he tried. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful gift”. MW

“Thank you for an amazing weekend. We truly have not been able to communicate so effectively ever. What normally would have ended in a screaming match with incredible tension and no resolution, ended with us both feeling heard and validated. That was such a great feeling and gave us both hope for our future together. We now have the tools to be able to clear the way! You have made a difference in our lives and given us a priceless gift and I am extremely grateful for that”. DN

“Thank you for facilitating this event that has changed us and our marriage in such a positive way. We feel differently about our relationship now. I have realized how much time was wasted, but I just didn’t know what was wrong and now, thanks to you and Imago, I feel capable to make the necessary changes to my thinking and perceptions. Your style helped us feel safe enough to grow!” CP

“Thank-you VERY much for an awesome weekend.  I had a number of epiphanies and I’m much more responsible in our relationship for it.  We are enjoying each other’s company immensely.  Personally, I am so grateful that my wife found you as it has helped us understand each other and our individual contributions to our relationship ups and downs much more deeply”.   JG

“Kathleen I just want to say “Thank You”. Our marriage was over before this weekend. There was no emotional love connection between us.  We were 2 people trying to guard ourselves from the childhood pain triggered by the “other”.  Seeing my wife in the most vulnerable state I have ever seen her this weekend made me love this beautiful woman more than I ever have. I certainly don’t wish to make her feel pain ever again.  We have much work to do but on the way home as you had said more will leak out, well it did. What was beautiful, is she is trusting me with her feelings. I have tears of hope, relief and joy. Just lying in my bed beside my wife, things have moved from a physical relationship to an emotional one. “I truly Love my Wife today”. The words ” Thank You “do not describe my gratitude for the way you handled our intensive. You have given me the best gift I have ever received. The chance to Love and be Loved.” T.H.