Why Attend A Getting More of the Love You Want

Perhaps you attended the Getting the Love You Want Couples Weekend and for a while you were feeling good about one another. You may have been on a “romantic high” and then slowly you fell back into avoidance and disconnection. Now, you may have thought… what happened? How does this happen? We were so good and now here we are! Too often, we revert into our old relationship patterns, the very patterns we are trying to change. It can take a while to move through the power struggle (certainly more than one weekend) to become fully conscious of these relational dynamics. It simply takes time and effort to create an emotionally safe place for one another.

You have learned quite a bit about each other. Many couples say: “we learned more in one weekend about each other than we have in the last 10 years”.  As a result, you attained a foundation of what your relationship needs for connection. And yet, some things haven’t changed. To create an emotionally safe place requires you to drop your old survival defenses and “get in the relationship game”. This is not easy but necessary. When you show up, your partner shows up.

So, what does it mean to continue to stay on the couples track and commit? And why is this important? Our brains have a default setting. We will repeat the same thing over and over until new experiences are embedded in our nervous system. We need to consciously engage with each other as lovers instead of enemies. This shift requires consistent and persistent, small incremental changes over time. Insight and awareness helps. However, this is not enough! A transformation needs to occur.

This Getting More of the Love You Want weekend retreat will help deepen your connection and remove whatever stands between you and your partner. With finely attuned communication exercises and facilitation, you will learn how to co-create a future of safety, passion and joy within your relationship. Take this step now to connect with each other. Get inspired and join with other couples who are on the journey of conscious loving. You and your partner will be grateful you did!


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