Getting More of the Love You Want

couples counseling

Welcome to the Getting More of the Love You Want, an Advanced Couples’ program.  This weekend retreat is an informative and fun way for couples to re-ignite their passion and reconnect in Imago fashion. Many couples say that the attending this get-away experience after the initial program revitalizes their energy and commitment to maintaining their relationship.

This program is designed for couples that have already participated in a Getting the Love You Want Couples Weekend and is intended to:

  • Sharpen the skills you’ve already learned and to deepen the insights you have gained
  • Help you to become more aware of your relationship patterns and connect more deeply with your partner
  • Learn about your unconscious blocks –  your own Shadow  – and integrate these parts
  • Develop more ways to keep your relationship emotionally safe
  • Spend time with other couples who are fostering and nurturing their relationship
  • Reconnect with couples that have experienced the Getting the Love You Want Couples Retreat
  • Rediscover the depth of your passion and joy!

Kathleen – Imago Relationship Therapist

Participating in this advanced couples’ program is your opportunity to continue the growth you so courageously began in the original weekend retreat. The self-awareness you will gain and the opportunity to reconnect with your partner will allow you to understand how you can help one another through the blocks that keep you from enjoying the relationship of your dreams.

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