Couples’ Refresher – Dialogue and Date

Have you been to a Couples’ Weekend Retreat?

Are you having a challenge making time to use the dialogue process and keeping your connection alive?

Would you like an inexpensive, low time commitment program to sharpen your skills and have some fun?

After doing these weekends for a number of years (and through my own personal experience), I have become aware of the challenges that couples face after completing the “Getting the Love You Want” Couples Weekend Retreat.

Dialogue is a great tool for partners to stay connected and re-connect after the conflict arises. However, the problem is that we don’t make the time. It is one more “to do” in our busy lives. This is very common experience with couples.

Therefore, we are hosting our “Dialogue & Date” – An after-care program that is fun! This refresher invites you back into the safe zone with like-minded couples. This program will support your connection with your partner and provide a place to continue the momentum of what you gained at the weekend retreat. It is a maintenance plan for your relationship!

Topics from the Couples Weekend Retreat will be reviewed. You will have the opportunity to re-engage with the foundational material, practice the dialogue, and build on the skills you’ve previously learned.   After you are re-connected through the power of dialogue – continue fostering your connection by joining your partner on a mutually satisfying and fun date! Research shows that making time for each other is one of the best predictors for a successful relationship!

Date and Time:

November 4th from 7:00pm – 9:00pm.


501 30 Avenue NW, Calgary, Alberta


Embracing the Differences – Ending the Power Struggle!

During the Power Struggle two very different people struggle to co-exist. In many cases, the differences promote anxiety and a conclusion that we are incompatible. Using the principles and teachings of Imago: “Incompatibility is grounds for marriage – we are not meant to be the same”, this evening’s program will explore how honoring and embracing the differences can be a path to growth and re-ignite the passion. The dialogue process will be utilized to create a safe place for both realities to co-exist.