10 Great Reasons to Give the Gift of a Couples Weekend or Advanced Couples Weekend this Valentine’s Day!

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1. Giving the gift of a Couples Weekend says more than flowers or chocolates. Inviting your “beloved” to a weekend to enhance your relationship tells you that you value one other and your relationship and want to maintain its longevity and aliveness.

2. Get away from the everyday distractions and life at home. A weekend away is a great opportunity and provides a change in pace and perspective, opening the energy for something new to transpire. You are not bombarded with work, kids, household chores and duties, thus focusing on each other is a gift for your connection.

3. Provides a structure/intent for your weekend. Doing a couples retreat helps you focus and tend to your relationship – more meaningful than just another weekend away.

4. Be with other couples. Being in the company of other couples, couples realize that they are not alone. This accelerates the growth process. A new perspective of not being alone helps couples face and normalize their struggles.

5. You learn about relationships and what it takes to be connected. Our culture and our caregivers are not always the best examples of relationships. To overcome other life challenges, we hire business, athletic coaches and financial analysts to learn new skills. Attending a Couples Weekend Retreat helps you to become skilled with each other – the most important relationship.

6. Experience true relational transformation in a safe, compelling learning environment. The weekend retreat teaches that a relationship is not a problem to be solved but an adventure to be lived and that every frustration in the relationship is a launching pad for growth. Couples get equipped for being successful in this adventure called “our relationship.”

7. Be inspired to dream the “wildest dream” for your relationship…. together. “When we dream alone a dream is but a dream, but when we dream together, it is the beginning of reality.” says a Brazilian proverb. At the end of the weekend retreat, every couple is prepared and keen to put on the horizon their biggest dream for the relationship.

8. Be motivated to live and renew your vows. The weekend retreat provides couples an atmosphere that rekindles their passion and gives joy, laughter and play; a new place in the relationship.

9. Learn guiding principles that empower you to have the “mightiest” bond ever. The weekend retreat teaches ritualsfor connection that when embraced and practiced, empower each couple not only to be a solid couple, lasting couple but also a creative and collaborative couple.

10. Have fun, sharing laughs and improve the space between you. Attending a Couples weekend offers many belly laughs and connecting moments. This translates in the “off” hours away from the program. Couples share with each other more than they have for years and the weekend becomes their aphrodisiac. 😉

10 Characteristics of a Conscious Partnership

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by Harville Hendrix – taken from Getting the Love you Want

You realize that your love relationship has a hidden purpose – the healing of childhood wounds

Instead of focusing entirely on surface needs and desires, you learn to recognize the unresolved childhood issues that under-lie them. When you look at relationships with this x-ray vision, your daily interactions take on more meaning. Puzzling aspects of your relationship begin to make sense to you, and you have a greater sense of control.


You create a more accurate image of your partner

At the very moment of attraction, you began fusing your lover with your primary caretakers. Later you projected your negative traits onto your partner, further obscuring your partner’s essential reality. As you move toward a conscious relationship, you gradually let go of these illusions and begin to see more of your partner’s truth. You see your partner not as your saviour but as another wounded human being, struggling to be healed.

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Try a Valentine Appreciations Dialogue

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(Send in a card, a text, email or verbal expression!)

  1. What I appreciate about you today on Valentine’s Day is….
  2. What attracts me to you still is….
  3. What I cherish the most about you is….
  4. What I appreciate about our LOVE for each other is….
  5. Today I want to gift you with…

Celebrate Valentine’s every day of the year by putting into practice Imago Dialogue and Appreciations daily. Gift yourselves with a Getting the Love You Want Weekend Retreat (Refresher) or an Advanced Couples Weekend Retreat that I offer periodically. Most of all enjoy each other as each day together is truly a blessing.

Be a Safe Harbour for Each Other This Holiday Season

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With the season upon us, the experience can be alive with energy as well as overwhelming for many. There are those who love the Holiday season and those who don’t.

Depending on memories from our past – unresolved family feelings may arise and occur.


So, what can you do as a couple to maintain the integrity of your relationship when the “going gets tough”.

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Take “The End” Threat off the Table

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Adapted from Jami Faletti

Have you ever noticed the many number of articles, blogs, and quizzes circulating on social media right now asking you to question your relationship? Just take a look at your Facebook feed and you’ll see it’s teeming with titles such as “Should You End Your Relationship?” and “How to Tell if You’re with the Right Person.” These articles seem to prey upon, pander to, and perhaps even inspire our worst thinking—that we chose the wrong person or are in the wrong relationship.
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Why Do Our Partners Seem To Bring Out The Worst In Us?

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With few exceptions, we hurt the people we love the most. They see us at our worst. And we have the greatest chance to hurt each other. What is Imago Relational Therapy? How can it help you and your partner bring out THE BEST in one another? Harville Hendrix and a panel of Experts discuss.

Dialogue Often!

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When a rupture occurs in the connection between couples, it can be a painful time filled with many emotions.  In Imago theory, the purpose of relationships is to finish our “unfinished childhood business”. Therefore, this rupture can relate back to an unmet need in childhood that is still trying to get met in the current day.

Ninety percent of the struggles occurring within couples are the re-creation of old and unlanguaged hurts from the past that are trying to heal.  In response to these ruptures, couples will further injure their connection with defensive reactions and postures and the cycle of pain continues.

A profound solution to ending this cycle and repairing the rupture is dialogue. Read More

How to Stay Conscious and Connected This Holiday Season

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1. Be Realistic. Most of our expectations have been ingrained from others’ expectations of us or our own expectations of ourselves. Often when we feel like we aren’t meeting the mark for others or ourselves – we become judgmental. This creates disconnection. Be realistic of what you can and cannot do and offer YOUR best this holiday season! It is good enough!

2. Have an Exit Plan or Strategy. When visiting family or attending family gatherings, we may notice that our old unresolved feelings and childlike behaviours emerge. This often happens in the company of our families of origin. Pay attention to each other in these settings. Help your partner remember – “I am here! You aren’t stuck here. Come on, we can go now if you like…..” They will be grateful you did. Read More

The Eyes Have It!

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When we are in the romantic stage of our relationship – we gaze at one another – inducing a feeling of being connected. This is an appropriate response as our brain chemistry is ignited by “love drugs” that look for the other, find novelty with each other, enjoying the process of being found. Read More

What you are arguing about isn’t what you think.

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You may have had inkling about this or somehow discovered this before. By holding this in your awareness and approaching each other differently, you may save yourself and your relationship more heartache….an awesome shift in the way you relate.
The arguments you have with your partner aren’t really about what you think they are. Read More