10 Characteristics of a Conscious Partnership

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by Harville Hendrix – taken from Getting the Love you Want

You realize that your love relationship has a hidden purpose – the healing of childhood wounds

Instead of focusing entirely on surface needs and desires, you learn to recognize the unresolved childhood issues that under-lie them. When you look at relationships with this x-ray vision, your daily interactions take on more meaning. Puzzling aspects of your relationship begin to make sense to you, and you have a greater sense of control.


You create a more accurate image of your partner

At the very moment of attraction, you began fusing your lover with your primary caretakers. Later you projected your negative traits onto your partner, further obscuring your partner’s essential reality. As you move toward a conscious relationship, you gradually let go of these illusions and begin to see more of your partner’s truth. You see your partner not as your saviour but as another wounded human being, struggling to be healed.

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How To Get What You Want Without Appearing Needy

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We all have needs, right? But how can you get your needs met without seeming too needy? Is being needy necessarily a bad thing? Harville Hendrix and a Expert panel discuss getting your needs met and meeting your partner’s needs.

Couples Weekend – Testimonial

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I recently discovered this testimonial on the Imago International Website – of a woman’s experience after attending a Getting the Love You Want Couples Weekend. Having been hosting and assisting these weekends for a few years…I am continually amazed to hear of the impact and turn around that individuals receive. I only hope that you are inspired by this attendee’s revelations (as I was too with Imago)and realize that by showing up and learning some new tools, your relationship can be “saved”. Read More

Highlights from the Imago Relationship International 2008 Conference

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Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt (co-founders of Imago Relationship Therapy) recently highlighted the importance of the NON-NEGOTIABLE core decision of removing all negativity from relationships in order for connection to be maintained at the International conference in Portland, Oregon. Read More

Harville Hendrix: Getting The Love You Want on Raw Vegan Radio

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Harville Hendrix, Ph. D. is a Clinical Pastoral Counselor who is known internationally for his work with couples. He and his wife Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D. cocreated Imago Relationship Therapy and developed the concept of “conscious partnership.” Their partnership and collaboration has resulted in nine books on intimate relationships and parenting.


Harville Hendrix: The Marriage Whisperer

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The bestselling author talks about why you fall in love with the person you do and how to improve your relationship if it turns negative.

How Your Childhood Affects Your Adult Relationships

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For Oprah, Harville Hendrix was the best teacher of validation. Harville developed the Imago Theory, which is that you end up imaging in your adult relationship what you most need to heal from, whether physical or emotional wounds, received in childhood at the hands of your parents or caregivers. In 2006, Harville facilitated an Imago therapy session for Louie, who was abused as a child and was verbally, emotionally and physically abusing his wife.