10 Great Reasons to Give the Gift of a Couples Weekend or Advanced Couples Weekend this Valentine’s Day!

1. Giving the gift of a Couples Weekend says more than flowers or chocolates. Inviting your “beloved” to a weekend to enhance your relationship tells you that you value one other and your relationship and want to maintain its longevity and aliveness.

2. Get away from the everyday distractions and life at home. A weekend away is a great opportunity and provides a change in pace and perspective, opening the energy for something new to transpire. You are not bombarded with work, kids, household chores and duties, thus focusing on each other is a gift for your connection.

3. Provides a structure/intent for your weekend. Doing a couples retreat helps you focus and tend to your relationship – more meaningful than just another weekend away.

4. Be with other couples. Being in the company of other couples, couples realize that they are not alone. This accelerates the growth process. A new perspective of not being alone helps couples face and normalize their struggles.

5. You learn about relationships and what it takes to be connected. Our culture and our caregivers are not always the best examples of relationships. To overcome other life challenges, we hire business, athletic coaches and financial analysts to learn new skills. Attending a Couples Weekend Retreat helps you to become skilled with each other – the most important relationship.

6. Experience true relational transformation in a safe, compelling learning environment. The weekend retreat teaches that a relationship is not a problem to be solved but an adventure to be lived and that every frustration in the relationship is a launching pad for growth. Couples get equipped for being successful in this adventure called “our relationship.”

7. Be inspired to dream the “wildest dream” for your relationship…. together. “When we dream alone a dream is but a dream, but when we dream together, it is the beginning of reality.” says a Brazilian proverb. At the end of the weekend retreat, every couple is prepared and keen to put on the horizon their biggest dream for the relationship.

8. Be motivated to live and renew your vows. The weekend retreat provides couples an atmosphere that rekindles their passion and gives joy, laughter and play; a new place in the relationship.

9. Learn guiding principles that empower you to have the “mightiest” bond ever. The weekend retreat teaches ritualsfor connection that when embraced and practiced, empower each couple not only to be a solid couple, lasting couple but also a creative and collaborative couple.

10. Have fun, sharing laughs and improve the space between you. Attending a Couples weekend offers many belly laughs and connecting moments. This translates in the “off” hours away from the program. Couples share with each other more than they have for years and the weekend becomes their aphrodisiac. 😉